Harold never did regain his memory after the accident.

Leith didn't tell anybody.

What will we do if it rains?

Nanda has long hair.

The smell of roses hung in the air.

I didn't need him.

Patience conquers all.

He was admitted without sitting for an examination.

Do you know the total population of Japan?

What's your aim in Tatoeba?

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He told me that his father was a doctor.


He's angry and paranoid.

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Where do you think you're going?

Were you able to help?

I've never seen him dance.


Oh my God, I so hate this movie!

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I so want to take you with me to the sea on Saturday.

You're wearing your sweater inside out.

You couldn't go instead of him, could you?

Would you mind telling me who you're waiting for?

Do you think he will really give up?

These oil fields have only begun to be tapped.

Stop looking at me!

I heard a strange noise.

My mother is preparing dinner.


She is opening the window.

There are some things in this world that, no matter how much you wish for them, will never come true.

My mother is easily moved to tears.

I'm only trying to be nice.

Jenine hasn't been here since last October.

A good management would listen to reasonable demands.

My boyfriend didn't want to go to the opera, but he finally gave in.

Sehyo can't be older than Jan.

This book is easy for you to read.

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He couldn't bring himself to believe her story.

Water and air are both fluids.

Narendra and Jennifer decided to get the same tattoo.

He had to face the music.

I know Kay will change.

Get out of here and don't ever come back!

Oscar will live.

The new teacher is in the classroom.

Is everything OK with you?

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I'll never go there.

The company plans to close its U.S. sales unit in New York.

Don't drink anything.

Russell knows what he wants to say to Dwayne.

I think Vishal feels differently.

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Monetary policy in United States has been characterized by tight credit over the months.

What a rude man!

Who gave it to him?


A button on your shirt is falling off.

They don't know what they should do with the money.

We're planting seeds.

You've got to have a strong will to study something unrelated to your job after you've finished working.

Are you still working for them?


I can do what you asked me to do.

Tiny mistakes can sometimes lead to big trouble.

That's not what I meant. I'm sorry.

We'll eventually find a solution to this problem, I think.

We have lots of questions, too.

You should try to enjoy yourself.

We must protect the children.

I will do well on the test.

I'm not going to rewrite your paper for you.

Why is your first reaction to anything always negative?

The unspoken question is why.

They won't be very effective.

I know you're busy.

This bird can fly.

Don't trust what Mark says.

I think my job is pointless.

He has none of his father's aggressiveness.

The old woman has no one to wait on her.

I still remember how I felt when I heard Marika's voice on the phone for the first time.

One of my parents has to go to the meeting.

If Catherine asked you to jump off a bridge, would you do it?


Vistlik is not answering his phone.

Look at the baby sleeping in the cradle.

Three climbers were killed in a rock fall.

What a cute little boy!

Why can't you be more like me?

If I were you, I'd follow his advice.

I already knew her by reputation.


In my opinion, meditation is more tranquilizing than any medication.

I thought we could use the cloth napkins.

Asian cuisine is often flavoured with MSG.

Should I include Lindsay?

Because I hate you.


He amused the children with the story.

Is that all that you can say?

I bought a computer of the best quality.

Every individual has to understand what is right for himself.

I think Julianto can be beaten.

Is your father's friend a woman?

You may see them there.


Alexandra switched to Russian.

I'll explain what happened.

I promised Darryl I'd eat with him.

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He couldn't go against his principles.

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That's all that mattered.

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Hiroyuki said it was your fault.

Life is a riddle and love is the answer.

Yes, he has already written it.


I give a lot to you.


It's so easy for Americans to say "I love you" and it's impossible to do this in Chinese.

There are many big cities in Brazil.

That is what they study English for.

Should I bring Jisheng in on this?

Shai did as you suggested.

You're still young.

I wonder why it is that the sound of waves is so pleasant to the ear.

He is a very good batter.

It was there.

Why did you do it, Kerri?

The man washing the car is Mr. Jones.

I'm just no good at this.

Did you sign?

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She calls her sister Mina-chan.

I let them in the house.

The truck arrived, loaded with gold.

I've watched television.

Loyd flew in from Boston that night.


The transnationality of the European blogosphere is still underdeveloped.

I don't know how deep the lake is.

Metin shared his soup with me.


She has a great interest in house keeping.

You shouldn't look down on him.

Nici shot me in the leg.


Anthony realized Terrence was staring at him.

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I know Karen was disappointed.


It was you all along, wasn't it?


I'm glad you replied.

Don't you just love this town?

Sexual abuse victims often disassociate from their trauma.

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Look at the top of that tree.

Have a look around.

You were busy with housework.


Justin wouldn't trust me with his secret.

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I've failed in every respect.


Shove it in the slot.

I'll be with you right now.

We still have each other.

I spent the whole night trying to fall asleep.

Thomas Edison invented the electric lightbulb.


Samuel isn't yet old enough to get a driver's license.

Cris told me he was going to clean up his room.

Julius doesn't allow his children to play with Lila.

Carl didn't pay his taxes on time.

I've been wanting to see you.


Barbara wants children, but Naomi doesn't.

My office is located on the fifth floor.

It's amazing how much he can stand.

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The cars collided head on.


Doctors have made great strides in their fight against cancer.

The logs are being floated down the river.

There's a rumor going around.

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I found this on the floor in the kitchen.

I enjoyed playing tennis over the weekend.

When I told him that, he got furious.


Not all of us who have dyslexia mixed up "d" and "b" when we were little.

I'm glad I don't have anywhere to go.

Steen was always different from the other kids.